Fascinating! September 2019

published by Henne
in fascinating Cover image: Spock Monroe by Mr. Brainwash

The universe is full of captivating, compelling and exquisite things. The internet, the most complete representation of humanity, is no different in that regard. Both are vast, seemingly endless and full of places you should know about. Let me share content that has moved me, in some way, in the last month. This time it's mostly think-pieces, an event and a couple of tools. Enjoy!

The Evolution of Trust by Nicky Case

A lovely explanation of trust in game theory. It's an interactive "game" in which you can try out how the rules of the game and the strategy influence the distribution of archetypes of player. I don't think realy humans act anywhere near as rational and consistent as players in game theory, yet, some effects are incredible to whitness first hand.

Thinking, Shallow And Deep by Thomas Oppong

My zodiac sign is sloth and easygoing is two cornerstones of my doctrine. So I'm not very fond of self-optimization, especially not in the startup context. But somehow this piece by Thomas hit it with me. In it he pulls together a couple of thoughts about the act of deep thinking. How that helps you to avoid confirmation bias, how that is a good thing in the information age of life long learning. But also how current society (unintentionally?) distracts you from it. A nice thread thought, asking powerful questions.

Why Don’t We Just Call Agile What It Is: Feminist by Hanna Thomas

There, she said it! Collaborative, supportive, non-hierarchical relationships that empower people and embrace change are at the core of many progressive feminist theories. And obviously they have been a big influence on agile. An Agile mindset is a progressive feminist mindset. I couldn't agree more.

Incredible Doom (Season Finale) by Matthew Bogart

Ah the '90s! Everything was possible and doomed, at the same time. If you, like me, grew up during this decade then this is for you. A comic series about '90s kids making bad decisions over the early internet. If you grew up some other time, check it out to understand what this internet thing really meant in the beginning. Might explain why so many of us still won't let go of the quirky edges of it, despite all the surveilance capitalist bullshit on the frontpage now. Especially the printed issues make me drool.

PROVIDED AS IS by the people at Formidable

Another event targeted at free software/open source project maintainers with the expressed intent to explore the set of skills beyond “just coding”. At some point in time some of us are going to have to pull all of this shared knowledge about tactics out of conversations into a book or something.

indexter by Chris Cummer

Ruby gem for checking Rails database tables for missing indexes on foreign keys. Happy hunting, hope you find at least one that has a nice performance impact on your app.

Redash & Metabase

I'm on an ongoing quest for the perfect Free Software observability sidecar. I need oberservability. I dread every day I wake up to Mysql2::Error::ConnectionError for some requests in my exception tracker without the ability to ask it about the status of the network or SQL cluster during that time. DIGAME! Both tools focus on sharing questions people come up with, as collaboration addict I very much like that. Both are Free Software with people making money from it, like that even more!

That's it, hope you enjoy this stuff as much as I did.


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